Crispin Sartwell on How flexible is gender? What abo…

Here is an idea: sexual orientations and genders can be regarded, at least in part, as aesthetic repertoires or art movements. However, it is important to take ‘art’ or ‘the aesthetic’ in their broadest possible scope. I intend it to encompass bodily comportment and movement styles, including dance and sport but also styles of walking or lying down, for example; styles of expression and communication: slangs, informal or formal poetries and polemics; personal adornment including clothing and hairstyles and body alteration of various sorts such as plastic surgery or piercing; distributions of the environment as in interior design or landscaping or the design and arrangement of artifacts and styles of shelter: architecture and design arts at their broadest sweep; crafts or ways of making or manufacturing; sound design including music; scent and cookery; television, radio, and social media; and so on. Even if all this material is not art, we might consider it broadly as the aesthetic realm.

via Crispin Sartwell on How flexible is gender? What abo….


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