America’s Meddlers Are Our Worst Enemies – The Daily Beast

Outrage—and the bullying that goes hand-in-glove with it—may make for great clickbait, but those who traffic in it should spare a thought for its effect on society. The same goes for the “positive” writers who tell us how to increase our “mindfulness” or conduct successful relationships; how to lead more satisfying lives or raise “better” children; how to be fitter, happier, more productive. The question is not whether they are right or wrong but why they feel an impulse to dispense their advice in the first place. Surely they believe that they have something helpful to offer, that it is for our own good, but, as Lachs demonstrates, they rarely ask whether it is virtuous to make others second-guess their own conduct. Lachs’ answer is a gently qualified no: “[N]eutrality with regard to others [is] the foundational moral attitude of which obligations constitute a temporary suspension. … Humans tend to do particularly well when they can make their own decisions.”

Stefan Beck in America’s Meddlers Are Our Worst Enemies – The Daily Beast.


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